Oxidized Bitumen Stock

Oxidized Bitumen Ready Stocks

Stockist and Exporter of Oxidized Asphalt Bitumen Grades 85/25, 95/25 and 115/15

Oxidized Bitumen is produced by blowing hot air into the Penetration Bitumen. This action makes the Bitumen more rubbery than its original formula and it becomes Harder Bitumen. Oxidized Asphalt Bitumen recovers the weight loss under heating. Due to low thermal sensitivity, the Softening Point is much Higher than Regular Bitumen and the Penetration index (PI) is Higher than Road Construction Bitumen (8>PI>2) due to the letter has a Gel-Like structure because of Asphalt accumulation. Oxidized Bitumen is mostly used in Industry, such as Roof Insulation, Flooring, Industrial Mastic, Pipe Coating, and Paints. Specifications of Oxidized Asphalt Bitumen are categorized based on Softening points and Penetration rate.

Tiger Bitumen Company has the capability to Export and Supply the different Grades of Oxidized Bitumen in compliance with National and International standards.