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Emulsion Bitumen is a Binding material, consisting of Water and Bitumen. Emulsion is a disperse system, with particles of bitumen dispersed in water. The main task is to keep bitumen micro particles from coalescing, which maintains physicochemical properties of the emulsion and its quality. This stability is achieved with special emulsifiers. Bitumen Emulsions are transportable, easily stored materials. They are kept in the storage warehouses in cylindrical containers at plus temperatures for up to several months, without losing their properties.

All stabilizers/emulsifiers are supplied at exact doses, since they strongly affect characteristics of the finished product. Latex polymers are ideal modifiers and are added to bitumen emulsion to improve properties. Solvents increase the Viscosity and Emulsifying properties.

Emulsion Bitumen Classifications
Emulsions are broadly classified according to the Speed with which they break when contacted with aggregate.

Rapid Setting Emulsion (RS):
Break is rapid even with coarse aggregate of relatively low surface area. Rapid setting Emulsion is further sub divided into RS-1 and RS-2 types.

Medium Setting Emulsion (MS):
Break is sufficiently slow that the emulsion can be mixed with coarse aggregate containing a high proportion of fine material.

Slow Setting Emulsion (SS):
Break is sufficiently slow to allow mixing with aggregate containing fine material of relatively high surface area. Slow setting emulsion is further sub divided into SS-1 and SS-2 types.

Advantages of Emulsion Bitumen
Economically, Technologically and Environmentally Bitumen Emulsion proved to be a great solution. In addition to saving money on power consumption by one and a half time, production of emulsion requires 30-40% less bitumen than in hot bitumen application. Also the Emulsions produced in Tiger Bitumen equipment are environmentally friendly and do not need high temperature for production or application. As it is a well-known fact that the environment suffers from carcinogenic emissions formed as a result of petroleum products the breakdown.

Tiger Bitumen Company has the capability to Export and Supply the different Grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion and Anionic Bitumen Emulsion in compliance with National and International standards.